4 Big Reasons for Automating Storage

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Automated Storage & Retrieval

| Written by: MarkSmith

Are you running out of storage space? Is your business doing so well that you’ve begun to outgrow your current facility? If success is affecting your efficiency, then automating your storage may be just the answer you need. An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) has many benefits, and here are the top four:

  • Improve Storage Density: If your storage space is at capacity, automated storage can substantially expand your total storage space by utilizing “the cube” – the previously unused vertical space in your building. With automated storage, you can think in cubic feet rather than square feet. With a Modula vertical lift module (VLM), for example, you can eliminate extra aisles and unused overhead space. A VLM uses a tray system to bring inventory directly to the worker on demand, getting rid of wasted time walking the aisles and searching for the items.
  • Dramatically Increase Productivity: The improved storage scenario created by automation also dramatically increases productivity as it reduces the amount of time it takes your employees to store, locate and retrieve inventory items for customer orders. By bringing the goods to the person rather than the person going to the goods, you can reduce your total unproductive paid labor hours and make your employees noticeably more efficient.
  • Enhance Inventory Control: As businesses grow, they tend to need better inventory control. Automated storage puts all the inventory in one area, and under the control of an integrated software system. Automated storage machines have software controls that limit access to unauthorized personnel or during designated times, such as when the business is closed.
  • Upgrade Safety on the Floor: One benefit you may not have thought of – or perhaps not fully realized its importance – is the increase in ergonomics that automating your storage provides. Automated storage reduces the bending and straining required to store and retrieve inventory from existing racking and shelving. What’s more, the automated storage equipment delivers the items to your employees at an ergonomically convenient workstation. Your employees will no longer be bending, straining or balancing on ladders to retrieve inventory – and you’ll see fewer workers’ compensation claims as a result.

If you’d like to find out more about automating your storage, then give the high-density storage experts at Outsource Equipment Company a call at 866-971-1032 or 407-695-5545 to discuss the many options available, like our Modula vertical lift modules. We’ll work with you to figure out exactly what storage solution is best for you and promise not to sell you something you don’t need.