Sorting Out Automated Sorters

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| Written by: MarkSmith


There are many types of sortation devices within the world of material handling. Here, we detail the noteworthy points about several different types. And yes, we sort out the sorters. 

Sortation devices do exactly what their name implies – the routing of inventory, parts, boxes, crates, cartons and the like. What’s more, these devices can identify, separate and/or merge all of these items and send them exactly where they belong – whether to the next the step in the process or onto the shipping dock to be loaded onto a truck.

Shoe Sorter Conveyor

Shoe sorting conveyors are a go-to choice for high-speed sorting. Individual shoes slide across slats to guide items on or off conveyors, either to another conveyor route or a stop along the way.

Tilt Tray Sorter

Another ideal option for high-speed sorting, tilt tray sorters are similar to shoe sorters. But instead of employing shoes to push items off the conveyor, tilt tray sorters use the conveyor surface itself to move the items in a tilt-and-discharge system.

Cross Belt Sorter Conveyor

Cross belt sorter conveyors utilize perpendicular motorized short belts that activate as appropriate to allow certain items to pass through a section and other items to go on a different path.

Narrow Belt Sorter

Similarly, narrow belt sorters achieve the same results as cross belt sorters through the use of a series of narrow belts.

Bomb-Bay “Flat Sorter”

The aptly named bomb-bay sorter uses gravity to its advantage as it drops various payloads where desired.

Pop-Up Chain Sorter

Best for slower-moving and heavier loads, pop-up chain sorters can facilitate load transfers and perpendicular changes to the conveying direction.

Even more detail on sorters can be found here. And keep in mind that each sortation system has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Have It All Sorted Yet?

So, which sortation device is the right one for your facility? The truth is that you may be best served by a combination of sorter types. For more information on which sorter(s) could increase your efficiencies and shorten delivery times, call the storage specialists at Outsource Equipment Company. We will take the time to listen and then offer suggestions on sorters as appropriate – and we’ll never suggest a sortation system that isn’t what you need. So contact us today, and let us help you sort out the sorters.

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