6 Ways a Mezzanine Can Benefit Your Warehouse or Distribution Center

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Material Handling

| Written by: MarkSmith

Many companies, because of misperceptions regarding mezzanines, overlook the value and benefits they can provide to just about any organization with a warehouse, distribution center or even a factory floor. The truth is, you easily can install a mezzanine into an existing or a new facility to add valuable additional space for manufacturing, material processing, or simply storage. The leaders in new and used warehouse equipment, Outsource Equipment Company, explains.

  • A mezzanine can maximize your existing space and typically doubles or triples your existing square footage without expanding the facility.
  • A mezzanine can be custom-designed for your exact dimensional requirements Did you know a mezzanine can be constructed to fit with existing equipment, building columns and other obstructions? Your mezzanine even can be built around angled or curved walls, and of course it can accommodate any lighting/electrical, sprinkler pipe, HVAC ducts or computer cabling.
  • A mezzanine is constructed to meet local, state and OSHA codes and requirements. It comes with stairways, railings, and the floor-type required (such as wood, perforated metal or metal grid). Your mezzanine can integrate with existing pallet racking, shelving, automated storage systems, in-plant offices, conveyors and more.
  • A mezzanine is operationally flexible and evergreen, and can be modified to meet your future growth requirements or any other changes to the facility or operation.
  • A mezzanine will substantially improve inventory management and control. You can dedicate the mezzanine space to a particular product line, product type or client.
  • A mezzanine can be disassembled and moved relatively simply if your facility relocates, because most mezzanine constructions employ secure bolt-together connections

So if you’re considering an expansion at your warehouse or distribution center, you might want to look at the cost- and time-savings that adding a mezzanine can provide.

And speaking of cost savings, did you know that mezzanines qualify for accelerated 7-year capital equipment depreciation (as opposed to the standard 39 years for permanent building improvements)?

Outsource Equipment Company, providers of new and used warehouse equipment, is a top supplier of mezzanines and can supply a customized mezzanine that is perfect for your facility. What’s more, Outsource Equipment provides end-to-end support for your mezzanine installation. We will provide fast installation and seamless integration of your mezzanine – and all for about the same price you would pay for just the physical mezzanine from other mezzanine suppliers.

If you would like help figuring out the best mezzanine configuration for your facility, call the mezzanine-storage experts at Outsource Equipment at 866-971-1032  or 407-695-5545 today.