The Practicality of Vertical and Horizontal Carousels

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Vertical Storage Systems

| Written by: MarkSmith

If you’ve never used them in your facility, you might wonder about the practicality of vertical and horizontal carousels. But the truth is, these spinning storage devices have many real-world benefits over traditional racking and shelving storage scenarios.

Horizontal carousels are an ideal solution for high-speed applications including automated picking, sorting, and parts delivery. These machines automatically deliver heavy duty bins to your employees, saving space while improving both accuracy and inventory control.

One of the best things about horizontal carousel systems is that they perform very well in a variety of picking scenarios, particularly when they are employed in conjunction with picking enhancers such as a pick-to-light system. Many companies choose to set up multiple horizontal carousels to form a pod, which lessens the down time of the operator. And when you throw in the use of inventory-management software, these machines deliver high-efficiency batch picking.

The valuable benefits of a horizontal carousel system include:

  • Increased accuracy – and certain picking add-ons can essentially eliminate picking errors.
  • An extremely high throughput, with picking rates up to 500 lines per operator, per hour – you can see increases of productivity that are 2.5 times what you’ll see with a static solution.
  • Reduced labor hours and resultant labor costs – Inventory is brought directly to the employee, so you eliminate virtually all of the time spent walking and searching. What’s more, the inventory-management software automatically queues all the orders and batches all the picks, reducing employee downtime.
  • Cube utilization – This equipment helps you use the previously unused space in your facility – that vertical space above your head. You can take back up to 75% of your valuable floor space by installing a horizontal carousel system.
  • Improved safety and ergonomics in your facility – Forget about rolling ladders, reaching and stretching, and crawling around on your knees. Because the carousel delivers all items to the employees’ golden zone (that area between the shoulder and knees), you’ll see fewer injuries – and fewer workers’ compensation claims.
  • A quick return on investment – Don’t be surprised if you earn back your investment in less than a year because of the enhanced productivity and increased profitability as a result.
A vertical carousel provides these same benefits, but they also help to further maximize space utilization. This equipment uses all available vertical height, which means you save even more floor space – which you can now use for additional storage or whatever you need more space for. In addition, this optimization of space also means your aisles are clear of clutter and your workspaces are more conducive to safe operations.

Vertical carousels also have lockable doors, which provide additional security if you are storing valuable and/or small items.

If you’d like to discuss how vertical and horizontal carousels – or any other high-density storage solutions – can benefit your operation, give the storage experts at Outsource Equipment Company a call today at 866-971-1032 or 407-695-5545.