The Value of Warehouse Simulation

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Warehouse Management

| Written by: MarkSmith

We all are familiar with simulation software – we know of its extensive implementation in many industries, from automotive to aeronautics. But sometimes when we are thinking about a warehouse or distribution center, we don’t always appreciate the value of warehouse simulation. But the truth is that simulation software can prove invaluable in projecting and evaluating the results and impact of a planned (or at least considered) facility change as far as it will affect operations.

Computer-Based Warehouse Simulation Software

In a warehouse simulation, the existing system is programmed in and the current flow of goods is modeled. Any proposed changes are then added and the flow of goods is again modeled, demonstrating any efficiencies gained or lost. If there are multiple facets of a facility upgrade, these can be modeled individually or in any potential combination. After all possible permutations are modeled, it is possible to accurately gauge the efficiency of the potential changes and make final decisions on whether to install – or even purchase – individual storage and or sortation systems and other material handling equipment.

The Benefits of Warehouse Simulation

In the article “How Warehouse Simulation Informs Supply Chain Choices,” David Vessier, head of simulation a TGW Logistics Group, talks about three distinct reasons his company runs such simulations: “First, simulation provides an element of assurance that a proposed automation design is viable. Second, clients themselves may request a simulation, or want to have a model developed for them for subsequent use by their own people—a trend that is growing. And thirdly, simulation helps to optimize the use of resources, ensuring that the warehouse is equipped with the right number of fork lift trucks, for instance.”

Computer warehouse simulations can contribute to gaining a lot of efficiency in just about any operation. Even when the facility’s inventory already is well organized, simulations can help figure out the best way to manage workers to optimize picks and puts – and to speed up shipping times dramatically.

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