When Your Needs Change, So Can Your Mezzanine

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Material Handling

| Written by: MarkSmith

You might be wondering about how the installation of a mezzanine will fit into your future plans – whether they include expanding, moving or some other form of growth. The good news is that no matter what your plans are, your mezzanine can grow with your company. Not only can you design a mezzanine to meet your exact current space requirements, but the mezzanine can be modified at any point in the future to meet your growth needs.

Consider these three scenarios:

  • Your growth means that eventually you relocate your facility: A typical mezzanine uses secure bolt-together connections, so your mezzanine can be disassembled, moved to another site, and reassembled.
  • Your growth means that eventually you expand your facility: Because your mezzanine can accommodate all of your HVAC and electrical concerns (including lighting, sprinkler pipe, ducts, and computer conduit) and fits around existing equipment, columns and other obstructions (including angled and curved walls), you can make the changes you need and not be worried about limitations from it.
  • Your growth means that you add another facility to your operation: Because your mezzanine can integrate with just about anything in your facility – such as shelving, rack, vertical lift modules, horizontal or vertical carousels, in-plant offices, conveyors and more – it’s no problem to keep it in your existing facility or move it to your new facility. It’s your option.
The truth is, adding a mezzanine is a lot simpler than you probably think. And while adding a mezzanine is easy, the benefits are manifold.
  • Optimize your existing facility space and double or triple your currently available square footage without the need to expand your facility or relocate.
  • Enhance your inventory management, control and security.
  • Take advantage of wide spans and unique column spacing in a way that will open up floor space.

Mezzanines are available in full-mat, freestanding and shelving-supported designs, and have many customization options for gates, rails and other features. And if you’re worried about the capital outlay, keep in mind that mezzanines qualify for accelerated 7-year capital equipment depreciation (instead of the 39 years typically associated with permanent building improvements).

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